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QuteScoop, the open source multi-platform traffic viewer and flight planner software for online flying networks, lives here:

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Version 2 featuring sun shadow...

... and textured earth and plotted routes
(using the free XPlane-navdatabase).

The unique "Time Warp" mode allows playback -
and previewing the future with booked controllers (VATSIM only) and pilots.

Version 2.1 features real-life wind arrows and cloud coverage.
High resolution earth textures are included.

Version 2.1.12 includes high altitude temperatures
and spreads from weather sonde data.

"Time Warp" playback of VATSIM Cross the Pond 2011 westbound -
uploaded to YouTube (HD available).

Transoceanic traffic (showing geographic waypoint resolving).
Planning a route from BIKF to EIDW (shown in blue).

Display booked controllers (VATSIM only).
They get shown on the globe in "Time Warp" mode, of course.

Access route databases from within QuteScoop.